Terms & Conditions

Please note that booking enquiries sent through forms on this web site are always non-binding requests. As a response, we will send a non-binding offer by email. An obligatory booking of the apartment is only placed iff you reply to our (non-binding) offer and iff we sent a corresponding booking confirmation. For such bookings, the following rights and obligations for a booking contract apply:

Rights and obligations from a booking contract

  1. A contract is concluded as soon as the room/apartment has been reserved and confirmed or, if confirmation is not possible due to lack of time, as soon as the room/apartment has been placed at the guest’s disposal.
  2. Both parties are obliged to fulfill the contract, no matter of the duration of the contract.
  3. If a promised room/apartment is not placed at the guest’s disposal, damages will be paid by the hotel.
  4. Should a guest not claim the room/apartment according to the contract made he/she is liable to pay the agreed lodging price minus the saved expenditure of the proprietor.
  5. In order to minimize financial losses the host/hotel will try, in good faith, to rent unoccupied rooms/apartments to other guests.
  6. Up until the room/apartment is rented the cancelling guest has to cover the cost incurred. These costs will be calculated under the provision of paragraph 4. According to the jurisdiction of the court of law a host is entitled to charge 90% of the agreed price in a self-catered apartment, 80% of the agreed price in a room/breakfast, 70% of the agreed price in a room/halfboard and respectively 60% of the agreed price in a room/full board.
  7. In case of cancellations, a cancellation fee of 15 % of the down payment will be reetained as service charge.
  8. Disputes between contracting parties will be settled before a court of law in the district where the hotel/apartment is located.

Note: Please consider the possibility of purchasing traveller’s insurance to minimize the cancellation risk.